ATAS products

Collaboration with ATAS

Since our inception, we have worked closely getting much of our material from ATAS international. Starting with humble roots right here in Rochester, they have expanded to become an international company headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania. We have confidence in both our fabricated products as well as our field installed products because we know ATAS is second to none in quality and service.

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Listed below are pictures of jobs with the accompanying panels as well as a link to ATAS’ full product catalog and ATAS’ color chart.

Delta Sonic

Customer:   Delta Sonic
Location:      Lancaster NY
Color:            Brilliant Blue
Panel 1:         Wind-Lok soffit panel (MPS120)
Panel 2:        1″ Field-Lok panel (FLL175)


Customer:   Save-A-Lot Plaza
Location:      Blasdell NY
Color:            Sandstone and Mission Red
Panel 1:         Multi-Purpose panel (MPN120)
Panel 2:        Belvedere series (BWR360)

Value Home Center

Customer:   Value Home Center
Location:      Buffalo NY
Color:            Brite Red
Panel 1:         Arc Metaphor panel (MFX120)

The West End

Customer:   The West End
Location:      Buffalo NY
Color:            Classic Bronze
Panel 1:         Bayford Custom bent fascia

Sweden Rec Center

Customer:   Sweden Rec Center
Location:      Brockport NY
Color:            Hartford Green and Sandstone
Panel 1:         Design Wall panel (DWF120)
Panel 2:        Rigid wall panel (MFR160)

Hope Church

Customer:   Hope Church
Location:      Greece NY
Color:            Coppertone, Sandstone, Rawhide, Concord Cream, Classic Bronze
Panel 1:         Versa-seam (VSS120)
Panel 2:        Rigid wall panel (MFR160)
Panel 3:        Wind-Lok soffit (MPS120)
Panel 4:        Sterracore panel


Customer:   Orville’s
Location:      Greece NY
Color:            Brite Red
Panel 1:         Dutch Seam (MRD150)